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Eat & Drink

Our bars and restaurants are designed to suit every time of the day, taste and mood. Each venue is distinct, but all are designed to tempt you with new tastes and get everyone talking.

Some are interactive, others invite you to sit back and enjoy the service, but all are social hubs for long lazy days, kickstarting your evening or rounding off the night in great company.

Tamassa Resorts All Inclusive - Show


Our main restaurant, SHOW, welcomes guests for bountiful buffet breakfasts and fun-filled theatrical dinners.

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Tamassa Resorts All Inclusive - Playa


À la carte dining set to the sound of lapping waves. At our signature restaurant Playa, feel the sand beneath your feet as you navigate our Mediterranean-inspired menu. 

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Tamassa Resorts All Inclusive - Food Truck

Food Truck

A firm favourite amongst guests, our Food Truck serves up a choice of mouthwatering burgers accompanied by crispy homemade fries. 

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Tamassa Resorts All Inclusive - Scoop


A beach holiday wouldn’t be complete without a daily trip to the ice cream parlour. All homemade on-site, go for your favourite classic flavour, or choose from our ever-changing lineup of exciting new sorbets and gelato.

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Tamassa Resorts All Inclusive - B Bar

B Bar

B Bar is the beating heart of our resort, and that’s just the way we like it. All our drinks are served with the invitation to linger longer with new friends or share with someone special. 

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Tamassa Resorts All Inclusive - Jalsa


For those eager to continue the party into the early hours, Jalsa is the perfect spot for socialising, enjoying a drink with friends or dancing the night away.

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Tamassa Resorts All Inclusive - Rum Truck

Rum Truck

Experience the true flavour of the Sugar Island and join our resident specialist for an evening at the Rum Truck.

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