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We have a tendency to believe that happiness is something outside of ourselves. And so we’re always chasing it. The thing about being happy is, it’s a practice, not something that happens to you. So we imagined a spa that would give you the power to be your happiest. Because it’s by reconnecting with yourself that you can connect with others.

We named our spa Santosha–from the Sanskrit sam, meaning “completely” and tosha, meaning “contentment” or “acceptance”. Santosha is both an attitude and a deep state of inner peace. We help you cultivate that attitude and peace of mind.

The Power of Colour and Crystal

Colour is crazy-powerful. Ever heard of the expressions “feeling blue”, “seeing red” or “tickled pink”? Colour impacts our energy and mood, even if we don’t know it’s happening. We love how yellow makes you feel bright and cheery, while violet is soothing spiritually.

Luckily in healing, there’s no such thing as a bad colour. We also like to play around with crystals, as they come in many colours. By virtue of their colour, they can heal, help you become more grounded and be the best version of yourself.

Tamassa Resorts All Inclusive - Raktamani
Tamassa Resorts All Inclusive - Kanaka
Tamassa Resorts All Inclusive - Harita Nilamani
Tamassa Resorts All Inclusive - Nilam
Tamassa Resorts All Inclusive - Clean Beauty for a Cleaner Planet
Clean Beauty for a Cleaner Planet

All Santosha products are made using natural, responsibly-sourced ingredients. You won’t find a long list of indecipherable ingredients here. 

Tamassa Resorts All Inclusive - Santosha Aroma Elixirs
Santosha Aroma Elixirs

Think of our aroma elixirs as powerful potions used to treat various ailments from jetlag to hangovers to anxiety.

Tamassa Resorts All Inclusive - Mindful Workshops & Activities
Mindful Workshops & Activities

We curated a variety of workshops and activities because we know that wellness isn’t one-size-fits-all. From gardening to a plant-based cooking class, you’ll find your match.

How to Santosha ?

Tamassa Resorts All Inclusive - intro

First things first, find your tribe. Gather one, two, or three friends and book your time slot.

Tamassa Resorts All Inclusive - duration

Next, pick the duration.

Tamassa Resorts All Inclusive - mood

Think about how you feel: On edge? Antsy? Washed-out? Opt for the colour or crystal that will cure your mood.

Tamassa Resorts All Inclusive - spa-remedy

Here for a facial, a massage, a scrub? Tell us everything and we’ll prescribe a mindful spa remedy that marries healing hands, the power of colour and crystal, vibrations, breath, and aromatherapy.

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