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Food Truck

Come for the burger, stay for the good vibes! A favorite with burger-eaters and rum-lovers alike, Tamassa's loved Food Truck piles all the good stuff into one scenic spot next to our main pool. It's fun, local, yummy an oh-so satisfying.

No seats, just eats. Because who has time for restaurants when vacation adventures are calling? Come grab a quick bite. Our Food Truck serves up mouthwatering burgers with homemade fries.

Tamassa Resorts All Inclusive - Opening Hours

Opening Hours


    NOON TO 3 P.M


    7 P.M. TO 11 P.M.
    Mondays & Thursdays

Tamassa Resorts All Inclusive - Truck special

Truck special

  • Come nightfall, our famous Food Truck turns into a Rum Truck. Let's raise a glass to family, friendship and good times together. Experience the true flavours of the Sugar Island, sample the raw product and learn about ageing and blending. Of course, no tasting would be complete without a few shots of the good stuff, preparing you for an evening on the dancefloor.

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